Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Wonders 3.24.10 Family Quilts

Here are this week's Wednesday's Wonders - Quilts full of texture, movement, and color! And the best of all - these were created by my mom, grandmothers and myself. The above quilt is my second, and still unfinished....

I hope you enjoy!

A 3 generational quilt by my grandmother, mom and myself.

My first quilt ever made from my old pairs of jeans.

An old family quilt made from old corduroy and crocheted together. You can't find corduroy like that anymore!!


  1. Love the 3 generational quilt, that is so cool & something you can have forever :-)

  2. Oh yes!! I have a wonderful pic of the three of us with the quilt when we finished it. It will always be very special to me.


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