Monday, February 28, 2011

This One's for YOU!

Ok, sometimes I feel I talk a bit too much. So I am leaving this one to you!!

I feel spring is right around the corner so I want to know ~ what's your favorite spring color or color combinations? Or better yet, you favorite spring bloom? Let me know in the comments and who knows, you might just see your color or flower suggestion as my next creation!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Treasury Love

Here are this weeks installment of treasuries that I've been so lucky to be included in! Thank you so much to the curators! Go check 'em out!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My 100 List (Part 7)

Ok, moving right along!! Here is my next installment of 10 items from my 100 List....
61. Save enough money to not have to work for one, or more, years before I retire.
62. Run a 5k. DONE! February 12th, 2011 Cupid's Chase, Santa Fe, NM.
63. Run a 1/2 marathon.
64. Become a billionaire.
65. See where my Grandmother grew up in France.
66. Meet my cousins/family that live in France.
67. Buy a 'fixer-upper' house and remodel everything.
68. Continue building my fine art collection.
69. Learn glass blowing.
70. Own a vintage/antiques shop. Online or otherwise.

Do you have a 100 List? What is one thing that would be on your list?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Goals, Goals and More Goals - Resolutions Revisited

So if you remember I wrote out my resolutions back in January here. Let's see how I've been doing....

1. Run a 5k in February and a marathon with my brother.

I am happy to report that I ran my very first 5K run on Saturday, February 12th!! I ran the Cupid's Chase here in Santa Fe and loved it! It was a great run and I am happy with my results and time. Training continues for future runs!

2. Redo my Etsy store.

As you all may know by now, Marang97 is now Marang Studios. I am working on taking more/better photos of my pieces and writing better descriptions. Seems to be working so far!

7. Write more blog entries.

I have started Scoutie Girl's 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion and it's been working out swimmingly! Loving the content so far and the topics seem fun and challenging but not too difficult.

11. Create my 100 List.

If you've been following along, this one is just over the half way point!!

Wow!! I hadn't even thought I had gotten that far! How are your resolutions going?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My 100 List (part 6)

I'm making my 100 list or Bucket List. Here is my next installment of 10 things....

51. Keep a journal on me at all times. (I have done this and since my purse had gotten stolen, I've not had one on me.)
52. Keep a camera on me at all times. (I do have one most of the times, but I need one that is completely point and shoot.)
53. Own a computer/laptop.
54. Be more aware of peoples feelings, the setting, the atmosphere, and things going on around me.
55. Own a sports car.
56. Have TWO Christmas trees.
57. Donate my own money to a charity.
58. Volunteer.
59. Adopt a pet from a rescue shelter.
60. Adopt or have a child of my own.

Do you have a 100 List or Bucket List? What is one of your things?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Treasury Love

This weeks group of treasuries featuring yours truly! A big thank you to all the curators!! Now go click and show your love!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Before You Change Your Etsy Shop Name - A Few Things To Remember

Oh my! I forgot when I opened my original shop on Etsy almost 4 years ago, all the work that went into opening it in the first place. If you've done this on Etsy then you know what I'm talking about. But if you don't and you've been thinking that the spur-of-the-moment shop name you may have picked out just isn't working for you anymore, then read on.

I had began on Etsy in February of 2008 and entered my shop name as Marang97 since I was, and had been, using it in other aspects online. But over the last few years it's been wearing on me. So, with 2011 quickly approaching I began thinking about a complete shop make-over. New shop name, new images, new creations, new lines, new pretty much everything! It's quite the undertaking! So if you are thinking of opening a new shop, or even a second shop, read on to make sure you cover all your bases.

1. First things first - your shop name. Whether it be your actual name, a shop name, or handle of some sort, just make sure you like it. That it fits you and your brand.

2. You will also have to have a second email when changing your shop name. You will not be able to use the same one from the first shop.

3. You will need your banner and avatar, along with your About Info, Shop Title, Shop Announcement, Shop Policies and Message to Buyer letter. If you are using all the same information, then you will be all set. But it you want to revamp all these it's easiest to have it all ready.

4. You will need your PayPal account set up and verified with your bank account.

5. If you are involved in any Etsy Street Teams the admins. will need to be updated.

6. Don't forget your Flickr account. Update your profile name and website address.

7. If you have an Etsy Mini on your blog, you will need to recreate that and replace the code from your old shop. While you are there in your blog, make sure you update your shop anywhere you may have it listed in your profile.

8. Your Twitter account will need to be updated. I changed my username and anywhere that my link comes up in my profile.

9. If you have a Facebook Fan Page, don't forget those links too. Update and while you're there, let all your fans know about your changes.

10. If you are associated with other blogs or websites. For example - Lovely Clusters, Cosa Verde, Handmade Spark, Craftstylish, Youtube, Ebay or whatever, make sure these all get updated.

11. Google Analytics, if you have it, can accommodate several sites. I have my old site still receiving hits and now my new site. I am always interested where people are finding me.

12. Of course, one last thing I did on my old shop page was to put a link to my new shop page, and vise versa (click on the links to see examples on those pages). I wanted to make sure people knew I am an established shop with perfect feedback. Also all of your sold items still are up on your old page and this will let people know what you've done in the past and possibly what you are still creating.

You should be set to go now. After having my first shop open for three years, I had forgotten all the beginning steps and then realized all the places I had spread to. It was, at least for me, a huge hurdle but I am much happier in my new shop! Good luck if you are thinking about doing this or are in the process!

Of course, Etsy's Storque has tons of info. A helpful article is this one. If there are any other things that you think I may have missed, please post to the comments.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day - An Actual Holiday?

In the past years, Valentine's Day has been deemed a "Hallmark Holiday" meaning the Hallmark card shops have used this day as a marketing ploy to boost sales. But as a hopeless romantic, I would dismiss this idea reverting back to my Catholic up bringing, thinking, 'it's a Saint's Day or Feast Day'. I was a bit disappointed when I actually dove into researching this.

Wikipedia goes on in length about Saint Valentine. And it's an informative history of the day, February 14th, and the possible man behind it. But, I was most disappointed that not even the Church knows exactly who St. Valentine is, or if he even stood for love and romance. Humpf! Bah!

Well, being the romantic that I am, this day will be about love! And for me, always will.

1. JDWolfePottery

2. MarianneLoMonaco

3. ChristinasYarnCrafts

4. MyHeartBeads

5. JoshuaByOak

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enter to Win!

Sydney at The Daybook Blog is having a giveaway for a pair of Blowfish boots that are to die for! Hop on over and enter away!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first 50

So you've been following along and I have now completed the first 50 things on my 100 List. I'm getting a bit stuck. Not to worry, I have plenty of dreams and aspirations to come!! Here so far is the first 50 items.

1. Sky dive.
2. Take a hot air balloon ride.
3. Learn to surf.
4. Run a marathon.
5. Learn the trapeze.
6. Learn to snowboard.
7. Go horseback riding along the beach.
8. Learn to swing dance.
9. Learn to water ski.
10. Ride in a helicopter.
11. Learn rock climbing, preferably outdoors.
12. Own a home.
13. See the Grand Canyon. Stay in one of the cabins for a weekend.
14. See Angel Falls in South America.
15. See the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis.
16. See "Guernica", Pablo Picasso, Museo Reina Sofia.
17. See "The Mona Lisa", Leonardo da Vinci, The Louvre, Paris, France. DONE! July 1996
18. See Mount Rushmore.

19. Visit all 50 states.
20. Own a classic car.
21. Grow Bonsai Trees.
22. Throw a wine and cheese tasting party.
23. Get my Master's Degree.
24. Get out of debt.
25. Become a millionaire.
26. Create/continue my family tree.
27. Create/continue family traditions.
28. Live downtown in a big city.
29. Create a garden sanctuary.
30. Help build a Habitat for Humanity House.
31. Plant a community garden.
32. Have my artwork represented by a gallery.
33. Establish my own business.
34. See Cirque du Soliel preform.
35. See a Broadway play or musical.
36. Attend the Olympics.
37. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center at Christmas time.
38. Learn to do a back flip. (I have done this before many, many times. But after falling and hitting my head a couple of times I have been too scared to do it again. So it's on the list.)
39. Take a 365 Day Challenge.
40. Do a 3-7 day cleanse. DONE!
41. See a total eclipse. DONE! December 2010 the moon.
42. Weave a basket.
43. Have my portrait painted.
44. Live in San Francisco, CA.
45. Be a Featured Artist on Etsy's homepage.
46. See The Lightning Field by Walter de Maria in Quemado, NM.
47. Get married.
48. Write a book.
49. Be in a commercial. DONE! 2005 Gallery commercial that ran on KNME
50. Ride a mechanical bull.

phew! What a list and it's not even done yet!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flowers in Winter

I want to introduce you to my Flower Necklaces that are exclusive to Jane Sauer Gallery. And also give you an insight on the beginning process of making them. They are so fun to wear and people stop me every time I am modeling them. And they are PERFECT in the chilly temps to keep you warm and keep spring and summer flowers with you always!
I start by making the flowers - lots of flowers!! I try to make sure to have several each of all different colors and sizes. This will give me the chance to layout the design of the necklace and play around with the size, color scheme and layout. I typically don't draft out my designs, but work intuitively with the flowers until just the right design comes out.

{I even have Jack helping from time to time!}
I typically use this way of working whenever I am creating these large necklaces, the rosette necklaces or my headbands. It's a fun and spontaneous way of working that keeps my ideas fresh and new.

Friday, February 4, 2011

So Much Love

I've been truely blessed this week with all the treasury love!! Please click over to see each and take a peak at these great picks!! A huge THANK YOU to all the curators!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My 100 List (part 5)

Ok, almost half way there. Seems now I'm struggling a bit finding things, or actually remembering things, I've wanted to do and accomplish. But, here are my next 10, 41-50.

41. See a total eclipse. DONE! December 2010 the moon.
42. Weave a basket.
43. Have my portrait painted.
44. Live in San Francisco, CA.
45. Be a Featured Artist on Etsy's homepage.
46. See The Lightning Field by Walter de Maria in Quemado, NM.
47. Get married.
48. Write a book.
49. Be in a commercial. DONE! 2005 Gallery commercial that ran on KNME
50. Ride a mechanical bull.

Do you have a 100 List or Bucket List? What's one of your items from your list?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Plan in Motion

After a long weekend which included everything from enjoying 70 degree weather to now 9 degree weather, skidding off the road in a blizzard and a long road trip, I am back home to enjoy the rest of the week in single to negative degree weather and snow. Yipee. The road trip gave me time to sit down and make a year plan for my blog. So let's jump to it!

I am trying to make Marang Studios more useful for me and especially for you guys! So to narrow it down and get it focused I've planned that Marangs Musings is a place for insights into my creative outlet - Marang Studios. You will discover my inspirations and creative drive in hopes that you will find your individual uniqueness; all the while being environmentally conscience.

Hopefully you will all see more posts, a clearer vision and tons of fun stuff!! Stay tuned!
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