Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to (Somewhat) Regularly Scheduled Posting

Ok, time to buckle down. Get back to it. Taking the bull by the horns!! The past few weeks for me have been quite eye opening personally. So many things have been happening that a time of re-assessment is in order. That being said, let's not waste any time!!
New products are being created as we speak!! Check back for sneak peeks! Here's a couple just to get you started.....

Changes to Marang97 and Marang Studios soon to be released and updated. Will let everyone know so you don't miss anything!!

I am biking it to work for the next several weeks, so stay tuned for more pics of Santa Fe and it's many wonders!

Please stay tuned for many more changes to come! I am excited to see what comes about in this time of adjustment and transformation.

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