Thursday, December 30, 2010


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It's that time of year and everyone seems to be asking the same thing - "What's your New Year's Resolution(s)?" Resolutions seem to be ways to make yourself better, happier, more well-rounded. So why do we always put them off or ignore them completely? Or not make them at all? Why do we tend to wait til the first of the year to make them, or try to, into a realization?

Maybe because it's the new year, a new beginning, rebirth.

My 2010 was full of stress, grief, loss, unhappiness, drama and all around somewhat unproductive at its worst. At its best - thrilling, full of self realizations, growth, love, and warm pleasent days. So for 2011, an actual list. Written out. Published. Let's get to it....

1. Run a 5k in Feburary and a marathon with my brother.
2. Redo my Etsy store.
3. Take more photographs.
4. Cook more.
5. Create a new line of fashion accessories.
6. Be a vendor at a Art & Craft Fair.
7. Write more blog entries.
8. Take a class.
9. Smile more.
10. Create, create, create.
11. Create my 100 List.
12. Get another tattoo.
13. Make more art.
14. Call my family more.
15. Sew more clothes.
Do you make New Year Resolutions? What's one of your's?

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