Thursday, May 26, 2011

Handmade Promotional Ideas

I have been brainstorming different ideas for promotional items for a promo swap with one of my Etsy Teams. I have been really struggling with this since it's my first time doing something like this, and have been at a loss for something to create. I want it to be something handmade and that reflects what I create in my shop. After a Google search came up with very little, I sat down and began making a list of some ideas. So, I thought I would share with you all in case you may be going through the same struggle. You are not alone!!

If you have some more ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Would love to hear your ideas!!

  • Greeting cards with images of your work.

  • Embelished bobby pins or hair clip.

  • Brooch/pin back buttons.

  • Business card with discount code.

  • Drink coaster.

  • Bookmark.

  • Key chain or fob.

  • Pair of earrings.

  • Simple necklace or bracelet.

  • Handmade envelopes and cards.

  • Stickers.

  • Free pattern.

  • Sample lip balm, cream, or lotion.

  • ACT - Artist Trading Card.

  • Packet of seeds.

  • Sample soaps.

  • Hard candies/suckers.

  • Mini ephemera packages.

I'll show you what I come up with for my promo items for the swap. Don't forget to leave more ideas!!


  1. i read and check your blog these are for small business promotional ideas. I like your spirit. Share some professional ideas.

  2. Hmm… since summer’s already here, you can try a yowie rally towel. Are you going to put a logo or name on it? If so, you can hand-print them so that there’s a personal touch added to it. :)

  3. Thanks guys!! I ended up making the seed packets and they were a hit! I will keep your ideas in mind next time I have to make something! :)


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