Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday's Wonders 5.26.10 Sewing

Although I love to sew, I have always been terrified to make my own clothes. My mom, an accomplished seamstress, would make me clothes when I was younger and they never seemed to fit right. If she was so good and the creations didn't fit right, how was I ever going to make something that did?!?!

For some strange reason I have been getting a huge urge to start sewing my own clothes, mainly dresses, skirts and shirts. Trust me, I will be keeping it simple. My first attempt is from Grosgrain's blog and feature - A Frock by Friday. It seems pretty simple and a good starting point for my first clothing attempt. I have collected all the necessary materials and have begun. So far so good. Of course I did get to one point and realized I had to rip out a majority of the seams :( I wasn't surprised.

Here's what I will admit to at the moment. Cute!! I have some tweaking and of course more seam ripping to do, but I think it will turn out fine. I will post again when it's all done.

I have TONS of t-shirts and several that I'm not crazy about anymore, but would hate to get rid of just yet. This white one below was just a pain! So I pulled out another white t-shirt that was a little worse off and fixed it up. I think it's my new favorite tee!!!

It's hard for me to get how some people can whip something together and it looks amazing and fits right. Maybe that's just one skill I don't quite have.... yet!

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