Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Wonders 4.21.10 Getting There

Today, I rode my bike to work. It was a beautiful spring morning here in Santa Fe. The birds were chirping, the flowers are blooming and the sun rising over the mountains. I happen to be fortunate enough to live close enough to work (3 1/2 miles) to be able to bike to work or into downtown Santa Fe. I absolutely love this! I've always wanted to live close to a downtown, no matter how big or small.

This is my first bike ride of the year. I know, a little late getting started, but I've started!! My bike has weathered the harsh winter and was raring to go. I, on the other hand was a little hesitant. I had injured my foot last week and thought it was broken. It's still a bit tender and I didn't know how I would do pedaling a bicycle. But I took my time, and I was ok.

This is where the Wednesday's Wonders come into play ~ Getting there, the journey. I love taking my time. I see things I don't typically see. Experience things not typically experienced. I've lived here in Santa Fe now for 7 years. And there are still wonders not yet seen.

Here are some great little wonders found today ~ getting there.

The Oldest Church in the USA - San Miguel Church, circa 1610.

The Oldest House in the USA circa 1646.

Vigas coming out from a gallery wall. Notice the handcarving and painting on the sides....

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