Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Wonders 4.28.10 Cooking

I have recently picked up a wooden spoon and began cooking. I have NEVER had the urge, want, or need. (Someone else always cooked.) But within the last year and a half, the need arose. I was terrified! One thing I can not do is see a list of ingrediants and determine if I will like it. It just boggles my mind to no end. And I just HATE spending an hour or more cooking and then it all be gone in 10-20 minutes. So I began simple. Simple recipes, simple ingrediants, not a lot of time. And to my suprise, I'm not too bad!

I began with just a few cook books and recipes from the internet. Above is one dinner of stuffed tomatoes. I have always wanted to make stuffed tomatoes with some sort of meat in it. I finally found a recipe and it turned out wonderful!

Even Jack, my cat, thinks I'm pretty good! This is him eying the Thanksgiving turkey!

And my FIRST pumpkin pie turned out 'just like mom's'! I have always been a baker. I love making cookies, cakes, cupcakes and pies. But one can't quite live healthily on cakes and cookies alone. darn.
And this above, I know, doesn't look like much. This is my first Sheppard's Pie. It lasted all of two meals between me and my boyfriend. I was AMAZED how good this came out! And get this... I only used a recipe as a guide. I didn't have one thing (other than the piece crust and the potato topping) that the recipe actually called for. I think I may be getting the hang of this!!

Now what shall I make for dinner....?

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