Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Week - St. Patrick's Day

It's like a week of partying for my Birthday!! First there's Fat Tuesday, Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day and then the Spring Equinox and my Birthday. It's hard to keep up sometimes. So today, let's raise our green beers and to all that's Irish today!

1. Olive Green Dress by LanaStepul
2. Recycled Strand Scarf by EstelleShop
3. Astrial Necklace by PsychoticReaction
4. Upcycled Green Puddle Ring by leandogpottery
5. Green Gingahm Bow Shoe Clips by andyseyecandy


  1. The greens are so cheerful. Especially like the shoe bows.

  2. happy birthday! And thanks for featuring my ring too. :)


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