Thursday, March 10, 2011

My 100 List (part 9)

I am making my 100 List (Bucket List). These are my next 10. Stay tuned for the next installment... Until then, here are my next 10.
81. Try absinthe. DONE! 2.5.11 Yikes!
82. See Burning Man.
83. Visit and tour around Australia.
84. Visit the Great Wall of China.
85. See, but most likely not run, the Running of the Bulls.
86. Tour the Almalfi coast.
87. Vacation in a castle or villa in France, Spain or Italy.
88. Go Parasailing.
89. See Glacier National Park in Montanna.
90. See the tulip fields blooming in Holland.

Do you have an 100 List or Bucket List? What would be one thing that you would have on your list?!

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