Monday, February 14, 2011

Before You Change Your Etsy Shop Name - A Few Things To Remember

Oh my! I forgot when I opened my original shop on Etsy almost 4 years ago, all the work that went into opening it in the first place. If you've done this on Etsy then you know what I'm talking about. But if you don't and you've been thinking that the spur-of-the-moment shop name you may have picked out just isn't working for you anymore, then read on.

I had began on Etsy in February of 2008 and entered my shop name as Marang97 since I was, and had been, using it in other aspects online. But over the last few years it's been wearing on me. So, with 2011 quickly approaching I began thinking about a complete shop make-over. New shop name, new images, new creations, new lines, new pretty much everything! It's quite the undertaking! So if you are thinking of opening a new shop, or even a second shop, read on to make sure you cover all your bases.

1. First things first - your shop name. Whether it be your actual name, a shop name, or handle of some sort, just make sure you like it. That it fits you and your brand.

2. You will also have to have a second email when changing your shop name. You will not be able to use the same one from the first shop.

3. You will need your banner and avatar, along with your About Info, Shop Title, Shop Announcement, Shop Policies and Message to Buyer letter. If you are using all the same information, then you will be all set. But it you want to revamp all these it's easiest to have it all ready.

4. You will need your PayPal account set up and verified with your bank account.

5. If you are involved in any Etsy Street Teams the admins. will need to be updated.

6. Don't forget your Flickr account. Update your profile name and website address.

7. If you have an Etsy Mini on your blog, you will need to recreate that and replace the code from your old shop. While you are there in your blog, make sure you update your shop anywhere you may have it listed in your profile.

8. Your Twitter account will need to be updated. I changed my username and anywhere that my link comes up in my profile.

9. If you have a Facebook Fan Page, don't forget those links too. Update and while you're there, let all your fans know about your changes.

10. If you are associated with other blogs or websites. For example - Lovely Clusters, Cosa Verde, Handmade Spark, Craftstylish, Youtube, Ebay or whatever, make sure these all get updated.

11. Google Analytics, if you have it, can accommodate several sites. I have my old site still receiving hits and now my new site. I am always interested where people are finding me.

12. Of course, one last thing I did on my old shop page was to put a link to my new shop page, and vise versa (click on the links to see examples on those pages). I wanted to make sure people knew I am an established shop with perfect feedback. Also all of your sold items still are up on your old page and this will let people know what you've done in the past and possibly what you are still creating.

You should be set to go now. After having my first shop open for three years, I had forgotten all the beginning steps and then realized all the places I had spread to. It was, at least for me, a huge hurdle but I am much happier in my new shop! Good luck if you are thinking about doing this or are in the process!

Of course, Etsy's Storque has tons of info. A helpful article is this one. If there are any other things that you think I may have missed, please post to the comments.


  1. Can you change your shop name in order to keep the positive feedback instead of open a totally new etsy store? Thank youu

    1. Yes, you can now change your Etsy shop name to keep all your feedback and historical data. When I wrote this in early 2011, that wasn't the case. You can do this under Settings and then Info & Appearance sections. Hope that helps!!


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