Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first 50

So you've been following along and I have now completed the first 50 things on my 100 List. I'm getting a bit stuck. Not to worry, I have plenty of dreams and aspirations to come!! Here so far is the first 50 items.

1. Sky dive.
2. Take a hot air balloon ride.
3. Learn to surf.
4. Run a marathon.
5. Learn the trapeze.
6. Learn to snowboard.
7. Go horseback riding along the beach.
8. Learn to swing dance.
9. Learn to water ski.
10. Ride in a helicopter.
11. Learn rock climbing, preferably outdoors.
12. Own a home.
13. See the Grand Canyon. Stay in one of the cabins for a weekend.
14. See Angel Falls in South America.
15. See the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis.
16. See "Guernica", Pablo Picasso, Museo Reina Sofia.
17. See "The Mona Lisa", Leonardo da Vinci, The Louvre, Paris, France. DONE! July 1996
18. See Mount Rushmore.

19. Visit all 50 states.
20. Own a classic car.
21. Grow Bonsai Trees.
22. Throw a wine and cheese tasting party.
23. Get my Master's Degree.
24. Get out of debt.
25. Become a millionaire.
26. Create/continue my family tree.
27. Create/continue family traditions.
28. Live downtown in a big city.
29. Create a garden sanctuary.
30. Help build a Habitat for Humanity House.
31. Plant a community garden.
32. Have my artwork represented by a gallery.
33. Establish my own business.
34. See Cirque du Soliel preform.
35. See a Broadway play or musical.
36. Attend the Olympics.
37. Ice skate at Rockefeller Center at Christmas time.
38. Learn to do a back flip. (I have done this before many, many times. But after falling and hitting my head a couple of times I have been too scared to do it again. So it's on the list.)
39. Take a 365 Day Challenge.
40. Do a 3-7 day cleanse. DONE!
41. See a total eclipse. DONE! December 2010 the moon.
42. Weave a basket.
43. Have my portrait painted.
44. Live in San Francisco, CA.
45. Be a Featured Artist on Etsy's homepage.
46. See The Lightning Field by Walter de Maria in Quemado, NM.
47. Get married.
48. Write a book.
49. Be in a commercial. DONE! 2005 Gallery commercial that ran on KNME
50. Ride a mechanical bull.

phew! What a list and it's not even done yet!

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