Thursday, February 3, 2011

My 100 List (part 5)

Ok, almost half way there. Seems now I'm struggling a bit finding things, or actually remembering things, I've wanted to do and accomplish. But, here are my next 10, 41-50.

41. See a total eclipse. DONE! December 2010 the moon.
42. Weave a basket.
43. Have my portrait painted.
44. Live in San Francisco, CA.
45. Be a Featured Artist on Etsy's homepage.
46. See The Lightning Field by Walter de Maria in Quemado, NM.
47. Get married.
48. Write a book.
49. Be in a commercial. DONE! 2005 Gallery commercial that ran on KNME
50. Ride a mechanical bull.

Do you have a 100 List or Bucket List? What's one of your items from your list?

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