Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flowers in Winter

I want to introduce you to my Flower Necklaces that are exclusive to Jane Sauer Gallery. And also give you an insight on the beginning process of making them. They are so fun to wear and people stop me every time I am modeling them. And they are PERFECT in the chilly temps to keep you warm and keep spring and summer flowers with you always!
I start by making the flowers - lots of flowers!! I try to make sure to have several each of all different colors and sizes. This will give me the chance to layout the design of the necklace and play around with the size, color scheme and layout. I typically don't draft out my designs, but work intuitively with the flowers until just the right design comes out.

{I even have Jack helping from time to time!}
I typically use this way of working whenever I am creating these large necklaces, the rosette necklaces or my headbands. It's a fun and spontaneous way of working that keeps my ideas fresh and new.

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