Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day - An Actual Holiday?

In the past years, Valentine's Day has been deemed a "Hallmark Holiday" meaning the Hallmark card shops have used this day as a marketing ploy to boost sales. But as a hopeless romantic, I would dismiss this idea reverting back to my Catholic up bringing, thinking, 'it's a Saint's Day or Feast Day'. I was a bit disappointed when I actually dove into researching this.

Wikipedia goes on in length about Saint Valentine. And it's an informative history of the day, February 14th, and the possible man behind it. But, I was most disappointed that not even the Church knows exactly who St. Valentine is, or if he even stood for love and romance. Humpf! Bah!

Well, being the romantic that I am, this day will be about love! And for me, always will.

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